Hiring a campervan gives you the freedom to take your holiday exactly how you like it and helps you to create a home from home, by adding home comforts, traditionally most of the time it’s not feasible to take your pets on holiday with you, especially if you’re going on holiday abroad on a plane or staying in a resort that isn’t pet friendly, but when you hire a campervan it can be a lot easier to bring your pets along for the adventure, with many campervan hire companies offering pet friendly hire on a range of their vehicles.

We’re sharing some top tips that can make your pet’s trip as comfortable as yours…

Driving to your destination with your pet in the campervan

Many people choose to put their pet in a crate whilst they embark on the driving parts of their campervan journey, which can be a great way to settle your pet and keep them safe whilst you’re driving, whereas other pet owners like to use pet seatbelts, another option that can make the drive a lot more comfortable for them.

You know your animal better than anybody else, so what works for them is what you should go ahead with, you could try a combination of both if they’re unfamiliar with long trips in a vehicle, and find out which option makes them most comfortable, ultimately the more settled they are, the easier your journey will become.

Plan your stops along the way

If you are on a long distance journey, it will make your life much easier if you plan your stops on the way ahead of the journey to ensure you can provide a suitable stop for your pet so that they can do their business, stretch their legs and have something to eat or drink, giving them this time between driving will really keep them settled on the drive.

Arriving at your destination

Spontaneity is great, unless there are pets involved, and not preparing your stays on campsites can become a serious headache if you come across those sites that are not pet friendly after a long drive. Our recommendation is do your research before you even get into the campervan to embark on your trip.

Become familiar with the thousands of campsites around the UK, and specifically in the locations you plan to explore on your holiday, to ensure they will happily accommodate your precious pet too.

Sleeping arrangements

Another element worth planning is your sleeping arrangements for the duration of your holiday, the beauty of hiring a campervan means that you can bring home comforts and add them into your temporary surroundings, which can be great for pets who have a particular bed they sleep in or a blanket that will make them feel more comfortable sleeping with.

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