Since the pandemic hit nearly two years ago, international travel has been off the agenda for most of that time, which has seen staycations soar in popularity, with the British public capitalising on the holiday opportunities available inside the UK. Campervan holidays have grown in popularity for so many reasons, and offer so much to give you and your family a unique experience that you won’t forget.

We’re sharing our five reasons to take a campervan holiday…

There Is Something For Everyone

Whether you’re travelling with just your partner or the whole family, there are so many different options to suit what you need for your perfect campervan holiday. You can choose the size, the style and the interior resources to accommodate the needs of you, your family and the type of trip.

You Will Save Money

Hotels and accommodation prices have sky rocketed since the pandemic, due to lack of business during lockdowns and higher demand since the UK reopened hospitality. Driving a campervan is a much cheaper to have a holiday on a budget that is still fun filled and exciting for everybody involved.

You can save money on food too, there’s no need to eat out every night when you are on holiday when you have a campervan. Most campervans have good food storage solutions and some even have a working kitchen or oven so that you can cook up a meal for your family if you are on a budget or feel like having a night in.

You Can Visit Multiple Destinations

One of the best things about hiring a campervan is that you can visit a new place everyday if you want to, the convenience and the freedom to travel around is one of the most desirable attributes that makes campervan hire so popular. You can also easily change your course or travel itinerary to suit last minute changes, whether that be dependency on weather or just fancying a change of scenery.